Change your attitude. Change your day!

Know what I’ve learned? Attitude literally changes everything.

The way you think effects the way you feel which effects the way your day will work out.

I’ve noticed this because I’ve seen it in my own life.

I’ve seen how my outlook each day has impacted my day to day.

When you think nothing is going well, it’s very likely nothing will.

When you think and feel positive, positive things will happen.

Thoughts and feeling on their own can be incredibly powerful. Put them together and you have a killer duo hanging over your shoulder, helping to determine the path, the hours which follow will take.

We’ve all had moments where we’ve woken up, not felt too great about the day ahead, and then let those thoughts and feelings roll over into everything we go on to do, instead of stopping them in their tracks.

I have done it many times. I’d be a liar if I said I hadn’t

In fact, I was watching a motivational video by the man main himself, Mr. Steve Harvey. If you’re reading from the US, you’ve probably seen him on almost every channel on your TV’s. If you’re anywhere else in the world, he has probably graced your YouTube suggested on more than one occasion.

The man is hilarious, but more than that, he is amazing at spreading motivation to the masses.

I was watching a video of his on his personal channel and it was about how changing one word. Just one. Can go on to change your entire thought process.

Instead of have to, which implies obligation, change it to get to, making each day a blessing.

So you don’t HAVE TO go to work. You GET TO got to work.

You don’t HAVE TO go for a run. You GET TO go for a run.

How amazing is that?

So, what will you do today to change your attitude and make today the best day it can possibly be?

Don’t worry. I’m looking at myself when I ask that question also.

It’s something we should all have to do or should I say, get to do!


There’s no shame in starting over!

Sometimes one of the hardest things to learn, is when to know when to let go and start over.

For some, like myself previously, it’s the fear of not knowing how to actually let go of something they care so much about.

For others, it’s the fear of not knowing what will happen if they get past the stage of letting go, and actually begin the work to start over.

Will I succeed? Fail? Will people just see it as I gave up and judge me?

Questions will pour into your mind but what you need to think about is this…

Can you HONESTLY say that whatever it is you are doing that is making you think about starting again, working for you?

Look at me for example.

I started this blog back in 2015, under one name and with one form of content, and I’ve only just now changed it up and am beginning to move in a different direction.

Want to know why?

Because where I was back then isn’t where I am now.

It doesn’t even begin to represent who I am now.

I started over to match where I am on my journey in this moment. It was difficult, yes, but this is a new chapter. Not an end.

Imagine yourself turning another page in your book.

Letting go can be hard but sometimes what’s on the other side is a lot better than what was there before.


How to stop feeling so overwhelmed!

I’m 24. I work in Marketing. I am in no way an expert or professional when it comes to self help or offering the advice you may need and are looking for.

What I am however, is someone who has been there. Seen a few things. Faced a few challenges.

I know what it feels like to try to wear 1000+ hats and carry the world on your shoulders with a very forced smile on your face.

It’s heavy work, especially mentally.

Truth is, no matter how much you may want to do so, or how much you want to appear as though you have it all together, it’s so easy to take on too much and burn out.

Getting overwhelmed happens to the best of us.

Maybe more than once or probably more than we’d like to admit.

After all, pride gets in the way quite often. We think we can do it all.

What you have to remember is, you’re human. You’re not a robot trained to take on all these tasks in one go. We weren’t built for that.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take each day as it comes. And that weight will lift itself!

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Letting Go by Cat Clarke | Review

Title: Letting Go

Author: Cat Clarke

Year of release: 2019

Synopsis: When Agnes made a promise to her girlfriend Ellie, she thought they would be together forever. One year later, Agnes is keeping that promise and it’s put her in a situation she never could have predicted; climbing a desolate mountain, in miserable weather, with Ellie and her new boyfriend Steve. But when the weather takes a threatening turn and the sky-high tension between the trio hits its peak, Agnes will have to push herself further than she ever thought was possible.

My thoughts: Ok. So it’s been quite some time since I’ve attemped to write one of these so please bare with me if I’m a little rusty.

First of all, I only read this today. Literally during the entirety of the bus rides home from work and that was easy to do, as the book itself is condensened into only 75 pages.

It was a quick and simple to follow read. Just what I needed.

I haven’t properly immersed myself into a book for a good few months and with the way I was feeling at the moment anyway, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself so I’m glad to say this was the perfect excuse to jump back into reading.

The author, Cat Clarke, is someone I have heard great things about from friends, but I’ve never actually delved into any of her works myself…well…that is until now.

The fact that this book was only 75 pages, gave me that little taster into how Cat builds her characters and captures the emotion they feel so beautifully.

I’m actually impressed by how much character growth you manage to see in such a short length of time.

I must admit though, I felt there was quite an abrupt ending. It was a nice sentiment to how it was done but it seemed rushed.

Was Cat sticking to a 75 page limit? Who knows?

Regardless of that, the message of being able to allow yourself to let go, even when it appears you can’t or thought you couldn’t definitely hit me and made me think. Let’s just say it’s exactly what I needed to hear right now. Made me smile actually.

Someone somewhere was definitely listening!